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**Enrollment is Simple, Click "Class Schedule" on the Top and Complete the Form.....Most Common Questions & Information is Available on the Website, Please Review.

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ü All Classes Begin at 9AM

ü Course Instruction        

ü 4-6 Hour Course Instruction + Range Time
ü Written and Proficiency Exam        

     * Range fee and B-27 target not included

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    Need to Shoot after an Online LTC Course?

    There are 2 sections on your LTC-101 to complete, TOPGUN CHL can only administer the proficiency test if:

    1. You have Section 2 already completed on your LTC-101 form.  Click here to register for the proficiency test or
    2. You take the 1 1/2-2 hour state required beginner shooting training with TOPGUN CHL.  Register for beginner shooting training click here


    NOTE: CHL classes are taught at Winchester Gallery on the corner of E. Lancaster and I-820 in Fort Worth,  TOPGUN CHL or any of their instructors have no affiliation with Winchester Gallery in any way.

    Steps to Get a LTC:

      1.  Register for the LTC class ($59)

      2.  Complete the online application at the TX DPS Application ($40)

        3.  Schedule your finger prints with Sanfran Mopho Trust ($9.95)


        NOTE: You are NOT required to complete the DPS application or complete the prints BEFORE you attend class, the following above can be done in any order but the TX DPS will not begin the background investigation until all action items are completed.  Upon completion of the LTC class submit all required documents to the Texas Department of Public Safety, documents can be uploaded, faxed or mailed.

        LTC Shooting Test:

        NOTE:  The student must be proficient with their weapon before attending class, schedule early if you need a beginner shooting lesson.       

        Beginners Shooting Lesson:

        You can schedule a one-on-one private shooting lesson that will teach you gun safety, gun operation and basic shooting skills so you will  be able to pass the proficiency test guaranteed.  There is limited space available

        Click for more details  ---> Private Shooting Lesson 

        How to Upload Documents to the DPS:

        1.  Scan and save documents to your computer or smart phone.

        2.  Click --->  Upload Documents to the DPS

        3.  Select "License to Carry Handgun" from drop down list.

        4.  Complete information and upload documents.

        5. You will receive an auto reply email indicating receipt of your documents.

        Before you begin the process of obtaining a LTC, make sure you read the Eligibility requirements.  The answers to common questions are above in the "QUESTION/ANSWER" tab.
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        No More Renewals

        Renewal courses and  Proficiency demonstration will also no longer be required.  CHL holders will continue to have an option to submit the renewal application online.