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Range Safety & Shooting Test

(Online LTC Course Already Completed)


If you have completed an Online LTC Course, complete this form to schedule the safety course and shooting proficiency test.  This is a two-part course, you will get safety course information then you will demonstrate proficiency with your firearm.  You must have a full understanding of how to use your gun BEFORE registering for this test.  If you are not proficient with your gun, we recommend taking the beginner shooting lesson first.


o    No practice sessions 

o    No instructor assistance

o    No guidance in handgun use  


Note:  If class is cancelled by TOPGUN CHL and you pre-paid for your class through Paypal or a credit card a refund will be automatically credited to your credit card or Paypal account. 


There are no refunds issued due to a cancellation by the student.  Please review the cancellation policy below.



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