Hours: 9am - 6pm

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


(Proficiency or Written)

By scheduling your re-test during our normally scheduled class days, you understand the following:

  • The written test will be given to you as early as possible upon arrival as time permits.
  • The shooting test will be conducted with the current class's shooting schedule.
  • You must be on time as not to disrupt the current class that is scheduled.
  • No re-test will be moved or rescheduled due to student's non-attendance.
  • Fees associated with re-testing are convenience fees, there are no charges for the actual test. 
  • All payments will be forfeited, with no excuses or exceptions.


On Saturday the shooting schedule solely depends on the shooting ranges' schedule of availability, this means TOPGUN CHL cannot guarantee a "specific time" when shooting will occur.  Sunday most shooting test will begin at 9am, however that is not a guarantee as the availability is depending on the shooting ranges' schedule of availability. 

Weekday re-testing is also available by doing the following, and is also subject to the last 2 bullet points:

  • Emailing the instructor at aj@topgunchl.com for open availability.
  • Upon confirmation of availability, you must complete the re-test form.
  • All weekday re-test will include both the re-test fee in addition to the travel fee.

    Students must provide their weapons and ammunition; both can be rented at the shooting range.  Students must also pay the range fees.


    Click here to review the Refund/Cancellation Policy: